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Allen Developing Mouse Brain Reference Atlas

Reference Atlas

The Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas includes a full-color, high-resolution anatomic reference atlas at seven timepoints accompanied by a systematic developmental taxonomy of mouse brain structures.

In 2013, the reference atlas was updated to provide a deeper level of annotation.

For more information, please refer to the documentation.

Age Annotation Plane Level of Detail
E11.5 (TS19) 28 sections (40µm interval) sagittal Level 9
E13.5 (TS21) 15 sections (100µm interval) sagittal Level 10
E15.5 (TS24) 16 sections (120µm interval) sagittal Level 10
E18.5 (TS26) 19 sections (120µm interval) sagittal Level 5
P4 23 sections (160µm interval) sagittal Level 5
P14 39 sections (125µm interval) sagittal Level 5
P56 21 sections (200µm interval) sagittal Level 13
View the 2010 reference atlases: E11.5, E13.5, E15.5, E18.5, P4, P14, P56

Additional Reference Data

Age Treatment Plane
E11.5 (TS19) HP Yellow sagittal
E11.5 (TS19) HP Yellow coronal
E12.5 (TS20) HP Yellow sagittal
E12.5 (TS20) HP Yellow coronal
E13.5 (TS21) HP Yellow sagittal
E13.5 (TS21) HP Yellow coronal
E14.5 (TS23) HP Yellow sagittal
E14.5 (TS23) HP Yellow coronal
E15.5 (TS24) HP Yellow sagittal
E15.5 (TS24) HP Yellow coronal
E16.5 (TS24.5) HP Yellow sagittal
E16.5 (TS24.5) HP Yellow coronal
E17.5 (TS25) HP Yellow sagittal
E17.5 (TS25) HP Yellow coronal
E18.5 (TS26) NISSL sagittal
E18.5 (TS26) NISSL coronal
P1 NISSL sagittal
P1 NISSL coronal
P1 HP Yellow sagittal
P1 HP Yellow coronal
P2 NISSL sagittal
P2 NISSL coronal
P2 HP Yellow coronal
P4 NISSL sagittal
P4 NISSL coronal
P7 NISSL sagittal
P7 NISSL coronal
P14 NISSL sagittal
P14 NISSL coronal
P28 NISSL sagittal
P28 NISSL coronal
P56 NISSL sagittal
P56 NISSL coronal